Saturday, November 19, 2005

More Big News

I got a bit of good news today. This afternoon I got an email from the editor of the magazine who bought my first article. As you may recall, I neglected to include all the information their writers' guidlines require on the second article I sent to them, so I had pretty much given up hope on that one. Today the editor asked me to send him the illustrations that accompanied that second article -- rock and roll! The guidelines specified that you should not send any illustrations with the initial submission; they will ask for them if they are interested. So, while he has not committed to buying the article, he is certainly interested enough to want to see more. If he buys it, that makes me two for two on articles submitted.

This is the kind of roller coaster ride writers thrive on, I think. I was pretty down about this article since I didn't think it would get a chance -- even though it's a good article. But just an editor saying, "I'm interested in this, send me more" is enough to send me sailing along! I don't envy them their jobs. You'll note that his messge was sent on a Saturday. I have a very good friend who has worked as an editor (you know who you are!), and she has my total respect. I think it would be interesting to do for a couple of months, but I think it would eventually make me crazy in the long run.

I'm sailing for now, though!

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