Monday, January 09, 2006


... according to my wife, that's what I have tatooed on my forehead. :)

We had a Civil Air Patrol squadron meeting tonight, the only meeting I'll get to attend this semester (I'll be teaching physics on Monday nights starting week). We have our "subordinate unit inspection" on 4 February, so tonight was spent planning what we needed to do to get ready for it. We've just had a change of command and there are a lot of new people in the squadron, so things are a bit chaotic. We haven't had all the staff positions filled, so a lot of them got assigned last night. I'm already the communications officer, the information services officer, and assistant emergency services officer. They needed someone to serve as personnel development officer as well. I'm fairly new in the squadron, and since we didn't have a PDO, I'm not shy about digging until I find out what I need to know myself. As a result, I'm pretty much the only one in the squadron who knows the regs on the various qualifications. So, I'm a sucker. I took on the job.

Now I have to figure out where everyone's personnel records are and get the organized up to standards. And then I'll stand inspection by the Arizona Wing inspector general in just three weeks!

Some day I'm going to learn to keep my mouth shut... :)

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