Sunday, September 11, 2005

Happy Birthday!

Today is my wife's birthday, she says she's turning 29 -- again. :) Unlike most women her (real) age, though, my wife can actually pass for 29. In fact, she can pass for 21 pretty easily. She's the only woman I know who wwalks into a hair salon and says, "I need something that will make me look a little older." In spite of the fact that she's had a baby, she still looks amazing. It actually can be a problem, since she teaches college here. She had her students fill out a questionnaire at the beginning of class. One of the questions was "What would you like to get out this class?" One of her students responded, "A little knowledge, a good grade, and a date."

Sorry, pal, she's spoken for.

Busting all stereotypes, my wife is definitely the handyman around the house. I do the big jobs that require heavy lifting and such, but she's the one who has the interest in all the home improvement projects. She does an outstanding job on them, too. Yesterday she spent all day painting the kids' bathroom -- it looks totally professional. Today she and I will install a new light fixture in there, so if you don't hear from me tomorrow, you'll know I electrocuted myself. :)

Today we'll be going out for birthday ice cream (our tradition is to have ice cream -- milkshakes, in my case --instead of cake for birthdays) and to the Melting Pot with her parents tonight. Fondue may be very '70's, but it's also very, very good! Give it a try sometime.

Happy birthday, baby!

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